Hundreds of lives have been wasted, children made orphans, farms that would have contributed to the growth of the economy destroyed.

The beginning of the new year has been filled with sorrow, blood and tears for Nigerians resident in Benue.

Nigerians have accused the federal government of allowing the attacks to escalate by treating the matter with kid gloves.

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Some even went as far accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of turning blind eyes because the herdsmen are his 'people'.

Last week, there was another attack by Fulani herdsmen in Benue State. Gory pictures of people, including children, butchered like animals, were copiously shared.

Anytime there is a massacre of people in a state by Fulani herdsmen like it occurred last week in Benue State for the umpteenth time, there is an outcry by Nigerians for the Federal Government to take action. 

Most times, there is not even a verbal response from the Buhari government. Even when there is a verbal response, it is a plea for people to live together in peace or a promise to arrest the perpetrators.

But nobody ever gets arrested.

Nigerians are disappointed and they are no longer mincing words.

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