There was a reported outbreak of Monkey Pox disease in Akwa Ibom State, but the government wants residents of the state to remain calm.

It claims there is no confirmed case in the state.

The state Commissioner for Health, Dr Dominic Ukpong, gave the advice at a news conference in Uyo on Monday.

A case of suspected monkey pox was first reported in the state on October 5, in one of the general hospitals.

“On October 5, 2017, we got information of a suspected case in a general hospital and immediately visited the patient, who was already in proper isolation.

"On the same date, we also received information about a female petty trader who had suspicious rashes and reached out to her and found her and her two children with similar rashes.

"We quarantined her with her kids in her home while we continue to visit, monitor and trace her contacts.

"No definitive diagnosis of the virus in the state and therefore there is no confirmation of the spread of the disease only suspected cases.

"It is only in Senegal that there is equipment to confirm the disease, so samples of all suspected cases have been sent for confirmation," Ukpong explained.

The Commissioner for Health, who was with the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, said that the state government had taken precautionary measures to check any outbreak.


To check further spread of the disease which has no cure, the government has also reactivated the Infectious Disease Emergency Rapid Response Team to monitor health facilities across the state.

According to the commissioner, Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in Ikot Ekpene-Infectious Disease Hospital has been restructured to take care of any suspected case.

At least 25 doctors and 75 nurses have been trained to respond to any emergency situation in the state.

“All health facilities and workers therein have been notified to be on alert and exercise high index of suspicion," the government official added.

He wants the residents of the state to stay calm and report any symptom of fever to the nearest health facility for medical attention instead of self medication.

Some other measures the government is also suggesting to check further spread of the disease which comes with large rash are good personal hygiene, avoidance of handshake and regular washing of hands.

He advised medical personnel to observe and practice universal precautions by wearing their mask, hand gloves and coat while handling all patients.

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Ukpong, however, maintained that monkey pox was a mild disease that could be handled as it rarely causes death.