If you ever wondered why movies from the Ebony Films stable always seem to centre around the filthy rich, you should know that it is very deliberate - Mo Abudu is on a mission to rebrand Nigeria to the world.

This was shared by Nollywood actress/producer, Lala Akindoju during the ongoing Social Media Week 2018.

Lala, who was a panelist during the session "How To Effect Change With The Content We Produce", posited that film makers have a role to play in how Nigeria is perceived internationally.

"Mo Abudu will never tell poor stories, it's a deliberate move. She's employing what we call agenda setting in movies" Lala stated.

Citing Hollywood as an example, she referenced how the United States had been able to position themselves as a world power through their movies.

"America will never lose a war in a movie it's deliberate" she pointed out.

This, according to Lala, is no different from what Mo is trying to do, which is that rather than feed into the international narrative of Nigeria being a country plagued by Boko Haram and violence, she is showcasing the rich culture and lavish lifestyle that equally exists in the country.

She then charged the gate-keepers consisting of the media and cinema owners to do their path in shaping the Nigerian narrative by showcasing the very best the country has to offer.

She further charged the gatekeepers with giving every creative person a fighting chance with the audience by allowing room for a diverse body of work to be aired rather than restrict what the audience is exposed to in the name of "Nigerians only like comedy" and "Nigerians don't listen to alternative music".