'The Wedding Party' recorded tremendous success across the world. It was one of Nigeria’s latest global successes in film making and the brain behind it, is one of Africa’s most successful women, Mo Abudu.

The successful media entrepreneur was a guest panelist at the ongoing Nigeria Creative Summit in Lagos and she took the opportunity to share the lessons she learned from the success of the 'Wedding Party'.

If you are a film maker hoping to replicate such success, the tips may be useful.

1. Tell A Story People Can Relate With: Great films are about good stories. According to Abudu, it is a very essential part of any successful film.

“You must tell a story that people can relate with. That was what we tried to achieve with the 'Wedding Party'. It didn’t matter who you are or what social class you belong, everybody could relate with the 'Wedding Party',” she said.

2. Get Your Casting Right: You have got to have a strategy for your casting. The Wedding Party producers chose to use actors with huge social media following.

“The casting has to be people that your audience can easily relate to. For us we went as far looking at people’s social media following online and asked ourselves what set of casts do we want?” said Abudu.

mo abudu

*Media Entrepreneur, Mosunmola Abudu

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“And for the Wedding Party, we were lucky enough to have someone like Banky W who has never acted but had great social media following. At the same time, we found out that he could act. Eventually he did very well,” she added.

3. Find Creative Crew & Directors: Your film is as good as the quality of the directing and crew.

“I can’t over emphasize that you need great directors to make great movies. For the 'Wedding Party' we had fantastic directing from Kemi Adetiba. Crew is also extremely important,” Abudu noted.

4. Start Marketing Early: As you already know, there is no great product without effective marketing. When do you start marketing a product such as the 'Wedding Party'?

Try again

Abudu said the marketing of the movie started about 6 months before the actual release.

And it did start from locations.

“So, we had titbits that we shared on social media just to get our audiences really excited,” said Abudu.

“As part of the marketing, we wanted to get our films in festivals. And that was another process entirely. But it was important for us to do so,” she added.

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