The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), has slammed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over its recent call for the arrest of its leaders owing to a statement made by one Garus Gololo who called on the Senate President Bukola Saraki to step down.

The PDP had last week given President Muhammadu Buhari  24 hours to order the arrest of MACBAN leaders.

PDP said failure to order the arrest of MACBAN and commence their prosecution, Nigerians will hold Buhari responsible for the action of the group.

However, MACBAN in a statement signed by its National Secretary, Baba Othman Ngelzarma said the PDP and any other political organization should concentrate on giving Nigerians credible opposition where people can pitch their tents instead of reacting to mundane issues.

Ngelzarma said, “MACBAN has issued a statement on the 22nd August 2018 clarifying its position where it strongly took exception by the callous statement and had disassociated itself from what Garus Gololo had said, because he does not have the mandate of the association to speak on his its behalf.

“We are however surprised by the statement accredited to PDP calling for the arrest of the entire leadership of MACABN for a statement made by an individual who has no capacity in whatever form to speak for the association.

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“We consider the statement made by PDP Publicity Secretary unfortunate, we have noticed with consternation that the PDP publicity takes special delight in issuing statement that are mundane and detrimental to the party itself and had succeeded in making statement issued by him look childish.

“We are worried with the content of the statement and take exception to threat to our leaders. We are re-iterating for umpteenth time that MACBAN is non-political, non-religious charitable organization established for the interest of livestock breeders in the country and will therefore have no business meddling into political issues.

“We are calling on the PDP and any other political organization to concentrate on given Nigerians credible opposition where people can pitch their tents when dissatisfied with where they belong. We believe the opposition should be done with utmost sincerity of purpose devoid of meddling into issues that does not add value.

“We must re-emphasize that the statement made by Garus Gololo should be seen as his own personal opinion as it does not in any way represent the position of MACBAN.”