If you have it, flaunt it!

That seems to be the order of the day with the social media generation.

Floyd Mayweather is not afraid to flaunt his wealth, but some are saying he went too far with his latest present to his daughter Iyanna, Celebrity Insider reports.

On Sunday, Miss Iyanna Mayweather, who is the daughter of Melissa Brim, celebrated her 18th birthday. Most parents, who are financially apt, give their teens a car, a lovely party or maybe the latest gadgets.

But not the controversial boxer and Donald Trump supporter. Floyd spent several millions of dollars on a massive diamond ring. According to BET, the 30-carat diamond is worth $5m.

The designer behind Iyanna’s colossal bling wrote, “Happy birthday@moneyyaya … That 18ct Canary PRISTINE looking great.”

On social media, many are happy that the Mayweather family is blessed with wealth, but they are confused by the bling because they wonder which young man will ever be able to compete with Floyd the day they are ready to propose to Iyanna.

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Uploading a picture of the ring on her Instagram story, Iyanna captioned the image,  “First birthday gift I’m so in love. Thank you so much dad.”

One person wrote,  “My dad spoiled me too, but I was spoiled with love, attention, family vacations to the beach, etc.., flowers, education and lunch dates… All the little things that helps mold a young girl into a woman and so I grew up with an appreciation of what hard work is and what are responsible expectations for my husband…I feel bad for whomever tries to marry her.

“Like my dude this the birthday ring you got to top. This was unnecessary. Nice gift but unnecessary. No man can beat this imagine her meeting her soulmate, but he can’t even afford this. I feel bad for the poor guy because  she gone look right past him shame.”

Another person wrote,  “I hope this ring is to wear on special occasions..diamonds on the other side..no one does that…you can chip a diamond…Let us just hope it was an investment purchase to be put up in a safe….sorry that ring is over the top and by the looks of her hand..too young to wear it..she turned 18! Shame, it’s a blessing for her to be able to receive something like that but definitely not a safe situation for a young woman.”

Musicians Drake and Future performed at her bash, while Justin Bieber recorded a special message for Iyanna.

While previous presents include a Mercedes 550 S-Class as well as a G-Class she was given for her 14th birthday.