Communities in Nigeria where natural resources are mined always suffer rejection by the company.

The same situation is playing out in Kebbi State where gold mining is happening and the Federal Government is not happy.

On Saturday, the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, was in Kebbi State to inspect a gold mining site at Garin Awal at Fakai Local Government Area in Kebbi State.

He was shocked to see that a Chinese mining company, ISS-Hass Ltd, which has been exploiting gold for more than three years has failed to develop the area by establishing schools, building roads, as well as providing portable water and employment for the youth.

These inputs expected from the company were part of the agreement signed before it started mining gold.


He promised to investigate the allegations against the licensed operator in Garin Awal Village, Fakai Local Government of Kebbi State for alleged breach of agreement reached with the host community.

The minister, who expressed disappointment over the lack of commitment of licensed operators, said "the provision of the law stipulates that licensed operators must provide community support and this must be captured in an agreement, which we call Community Development Agreement.

"The  village head has told us that all the things they promised, none of them were done. No school, they have not seen anything. They just did rudimentary road that provides access for the operators".

Most of Nigeria's solid mineral resources have been left untapped since the nation began its exploration of crude oil which it largely depends on for revenue.

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Different administrations have continued to express the desire to shift the nation's economic mainstay away from black gold but very little contribution still come from these solid minerals to the nation's GDP.

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