Nigerian workers seem to be in a hurry to have their pay raised.

The government had promised to do it this August, but it is unclear if the government would go through with its initial plan.

This has informed the call by the United Labour Congress for the Federal Government to expedite action on the outcome of the National Minimum Wage Negotiating Committee.

They ought to prepare and forward the new national minimum wage bill to the National Assembly.

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The committee will submit its report next week.

The NLC also called for a quick passage of the outcome of the negotiation into law by the relevant arms of government.

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The President, ULC, Joe Ajaero, made the call in an interview with our correspondent on Thursday, saying that the delay in preparing the new minimum wage bill and in reviewing the country’s labour laws was not in the interest of Nigerian workers.

Ajaero said: “Just as we speedily want the new minimum wage bill, the review of the nation’s industrial relations and other labour laws by the National Assembly, which seems to have been consumed by electioneering, is not in the best interest of Nigerians and should be revived forthwith.

“All stakeholders in the process should be rightfully notified of the crafting of a better and progressive body of laws to govern workplace relations in Nigeria.”

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