Satguru Maharaji wants government to increase the minimum wages of workers in the country to N150,000 instead of the said N30,000 the workers are demanding for.

The ‘holy man’ made this suggestion on Saturday, November 17 during the Golden Age Festival for 2019 in his holy temple at Lagos Ibadan expressway.

While addressing journalists, Sat Maharaji said it is time for the government to show love to the workers by treating them well like the political office holders.

The founder of One Love Family said Senators and the likes should not be paid huge sums while labourers who toil day and night are paid meager amounts.

"The workers of the country are suffering, I want the government at all level to see to their welfare, they are entitled to at least N150,000 per month, instead of the paltry N30,000 they are begging for.

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"The labour union should not settle for anything that is less than N150,000 from the government and governors that are not ready to pay should vacate governor’s seat for people that are ready to work.

"I don't see reasons why some Senators, Honorable members and even governors will be going home with millions of naira each month and the labourers that are working day and night will be going home with just a token that is not even enough for them to cater for themselves and their families.

"Though I don't want the labour to go on strike, because the strike will affect our economy, they should continue with their negotiations with the government.

“They should not allow their negotiations to jeopardise a lot of things in the country, both parties should consider the masses and not go on strike," he said.