While a  new minimum wage has not been implemented, it is believed to have sparked a hike in food prices.

A civil servant, Timothy Wambai who spoke toBounce News said, "Nothing will change with the increase of the minimum wage to 30,000Naira, because food prices have gone up and the money is small. The salary of workers is a right, not a privilege."

He stressed that civil servants engage in corrupt practices to augment their salaries.

Another civil servant who pleaded anonymity said "Some of the states will still not pay the new minimum wage.

"This has turned most civil servants into beggars, which is why I will plead with the federal government to make sure every state government pays the new minimum wage, if not the increase of the minimum wage would affect the price of food, and we would still not be able to afford to feed our families.”

Felix Joseph told Bounce News that the proposed 30,000 Naira by NLC cannot meet the needs of the civil servants.

”A worker has a lot of bills to pay, he must pay school fees, house rent, hospital bills, buy food items and so on, if you put all of this together, even the 30, 000 Naira will not meet the demand of the workers".

He, therefore, called on the government to consider increasing the minimum wage to more than 30,000Naira.

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Mike Benson is not a civil servant but is also worried that even 30,000 Naira might not be enough to take care of the needs of government workers.

"Market prices went up after a new minimum wage was proposed. The 30,000 Naira would not be enough" he said.

Presently, the Kaduna State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has sensitized its members on the planned national strike action which takes place on the 6th of November 2018.

The strike is to ensure the government implements NLC's demand for its proposed 30,000 Naira minimum wage.

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