Alert is coming, and this is one song that the labour unions in Nigeria will be singing now. 

Their push for a new National Minimum Wage is yielding result gradually, as the Federal Government has now said it would conclude the process of transmitting a new Minimum Wage Bill to the National Assembly before January 23.

The good news came on Tuesday after a meeting between the Federal Government representative led by the Minister of Labour, Dr. Chris Ngige and representatives of labour unions.

It was a meeting called to avert looming strike of the unions that had mobilised its members for a peaceful protest while the meeting held.

On behalf of the government, Dr. Ngige told reporters that the Bill would be transmitted to the lawmakers to fast-track implementation of the new wage that Nigerian workers had clamoured for. 

He had at the meeting told labour leaders that the government would be presenting the recommendations of the tripartite committee to the State Security Council in coming weeks before forwarding it to the National Assembly. 

The committee had concluded its meeting with labour unions before the last month in 2018, but delay on the part of the government in submitting the bill to the National Assembly forced the labour unions to call for a nationwide protest on Tuesday. 

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They had warned that if nothing was done, a nationwide strike would be the next action. 

After the meeting held in Abuja, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Ayuba Wabba, emphasised the need for the government to keep to the timeline to avoid further disagreements between labour and the government.

Labour had insisted that the new Minimum Wage must be 30,000 Naira and many Nigerian workers are looking forward to the implementation of the new wage to replace the current 18,000 Naira National Minimum Wage that was raised in 2011. 

This news about the planned submission of the new National Minimum Wage Bill to the National Assembly is coming a day after President Muhammadu Buhari expressed concern about the ability of the states to pay pay the 30,000 Naira that the workers are asking for. 

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