Are you one of those whose money is traped in the MMM ponzi scheme and still keeping hopes of retrieving it alive? 

Well, the ponzi scheme seems to have extinguished your final ray of hope as it announced a “RESTART” of the system.

In a message posted on the home page of participants Saturday morning, the scheme said that it had struggled to stay afloat after going on a break in December 2016; but had been forced to do a system restart.

Until its announcement on Saturday, the controversial scheme had left numerous Nigerian participants lamenting with millions of Naira trapped in the scheme.

According to the message, the scheme also blamed the media and government for its failure, saying the problems accumulated and it had to announce a “restart”.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to overcome the consequences of the crisis triggered by the authorities and mass media incautious actions at the beginning of this year,” the message reads.

“Despite all our efforts…the problems have been accumulating and, as a result, we have to announce a restart.

"So, there is a restart: All old Mavros (acquired before this announcement is posted) are frozen. We will gradually buy them back as the System develops."


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