The management of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is not happy with Nigerians but they are not worried either.

Of course, this has to do with that ridiculous story that a snake sneaked into their office to “steal” the sum of 36 million naira.

The PRO of the board, Fabian Benjamin has said that they are not surprised by the way Nigerians have turned the story into a point of ridicule, making JAMB the butt of their jokes.

He insisted during an interview on Sunrise Daily on Tuesday that the leadership of the board have not lost their minds as Nigerians would like to believe.

“That information was given out by JAMB in line with the spirit of this administration. We are not disturbed by the way Nigerians have turned the whole story around.

“What we are doing is to ensure that we stem corruption and that any “snake”, as it is being referred to, that is in the board, misappropriating public funds or swallowing whatever will not be spared.

“What brought that story up was the determination of the present JAMB administration led by Prof Oloyede to ensure that the board is cleansed of any act of infraction, corruption, misappropriation or whatever name it is called,” he said.

He went on to explain that the snake story was presented to the public just as it was told by a female staff who has been accused of embezzling the sum of 36 million naira made from the sales of scratch cards.

But that was just to show that they were not willing to hide anything, no matter how shameful it sounds.

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“Of course, we won’t believe that kind of story. She has undergone all disciplinary formalities, and a report has been forwarded to the appropriate authority.

“Very soon she will be meted the appropriate sanction and handed over to security agencies for recovery of the public funds,” he explained.

What many Nigerians keep wondering is how such amount of money would be kept in an office vault and not a bank.

Mr Benjamin said that it was the old JAMB practice of selling scratch cards that gave staff access to cash and this was the major reason the new boss abolished the system.

“Staff were given these scratch cards to sell to the public and remit these monies to the office vault.

“What this particular staff and others were doing was to sell and embezzle the cash. Some of them went to the extent of forging receipts and tendering them to the board.”

It was an investigation that led to the exposure of the lady and others who allegedly committed the same crime, but the snake slant made her the most famous of them all.

The PRO gave the assurance that the new approach allows a proper accounting system to be implemented to ensure that all loopholes are blocked.


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