An informant of a Joint Task Force in Akwa Ibom has paid dearly with his life.

Suspected militants beheaded him during an exchange of gunfire between the JTF and the militants when the security operatives raided the militants’ hideouts in the Etim Ekpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The incident occurred on Sunday in Obon Ebot village.

The JTF had stormed the community to arrest a wanted militant leader, Aboy Ikpor, and his gang members, who reportedly led the Ikot Ekpene Prisons break last month during which no fewer than 40 inmates escaped.

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A resident, Akpan Udotim, said on Monday that the militants ambushed, captured and beheaded the informant.

He said: “They ambushed the informant who was dressed in military camouflage and captured him. They chopped off his head and dumped his remains at Urua Obo Inyang Market".

The Commander of the JTF team in charge of Etim Ekpo, Ukanafun, Oruk Anam, Ika and Ikot Abasi, Major Mohammed Hussain, who led the operation, confirmed the incident.

He said: "The dead person was our informant and we gave him military camouflage to wear so that he could lead us to the camp.

“They were three and we gave them military uniforms to lead us to the location of the militants’ camp to capture some of the suspects who escaped from the Ikot Ekpene Prisons.

"But when he heard gunshots, out of fear, he attempted to escape and I think bullets hit him".

Leaving an informant who does not have any military training without a bullet proof vest, leaves much to worry about.

Will informants ever volunteer to take the military to a place they could be killed?  


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