They had left the shores of Africa targeting Italy, but the course of their journey changed when the cloud changed and the raging wind forced them to head in another direction.

In a floating boat the 29 migrants had little control of, they could not but depend on fate to keep them alive.

The country they would arrive was no longer their interest as they all prayed for safety to any shore. 

Fate smiled on them when they eventually landed at the shore of an Island in Greece. After alll they are in Europe. 


Authorities in Greece say 29 migrants washed ashore on the western Greek island of Kefalonia in stormy weather overnight, forcing its occupants to a halt as they tried to reach Italy.

A Greek coastguard official in the island town of Lixouri told reporters on Saturday that all on board were safely taken to shelter.

“Everyone is well. They were lucky. In our area, winds were raging.

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“The boat is thought to have set off from the coast of Turkey or Egypt,’’ he said, adding that 10 of the passengers were children.

Report says almost every week, migrant boats are intercepted in the waters off western Greece. 

Some months ago, over 20 female Nigerians died while trying to migrate to Europe and they were buried in Italy.