In this age of social media, we have created slangs and acronyms for just about anything - including infidelity. So nowadays, we have cheating and micro-cheating. Hian!

For those who don't know, micro-cheating is when someone who's already in an exclusive relationship exchanges flirty texts and explicit chats with someone else who isn't their partner. It's a very sly and corny thing to do, especially because your real partner isn't aware that you're doing this. 
Many who engage in this act call it a "harmless flirtation", because in their opinion, it's not like you're having sex with this other person - you're just texting!

Well, let's be honest with ourselves here, cheating is cheating. If you are in one way or another getting emotionally or sexually involved with someone else who is not your exclusive partner, you are already cheating.

In some cases, this micro-cheating thing sometimes leads to full blown cheating. Having explicit chats will eventually graduate to sending and receiving nudes, which will lead to a hook up and then boom! Something that started with just naughty texts then becomes a real affair. 
Meanwhile, why do you even need to send dirty texts to someone other than your boo? What's the point of getting involved in something that you cannot boldly and proudly tell your partner about? Whatever would make you keep secrets from your partner is already a kind of unfaithfulness, no matter what that thing is. If care is not taken, it would eventually destroy your relationship. 

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it okay. What is wrong is wrong, so let’s know when to draw the line and avoid stories that touch.

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