You may recall that on Monday, the electricity distribution companies came out to say that it was no longer their responsibility to provide meters to consumers.

But electricity industry regulator, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has objected to the disco’s claims.

In a statement, NERC maintained that the obligation to ensure that all electricity consumers have meters remained with the electricity distribution companies under Meter Asset Provider Regulations 2018.

“This is consistent with their respective licensing terms and conditions and Section 4 (1) of the said regulations that provides that, inter alia, distribution licensee is responsible for the achievement of metering targets as specified by the commission from time to time,” NERC said the statement on Monday.

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NERC noted that Section 4 (3) of the MAP Regulation required that all distribution licensees should engage the services of meter asset providers towards meeting the metering targets as specified by the commission and in accordance with the provisions of the MAP Regulations 2018.

It stated that the Discos were expected to engage MAPs within 120 days of coming into effect of the regulations.

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