Mercy Aigbe has finally spoken out about the famous red dress that cooked up a scandal barely after dawn of a new year broke.

Problem erupted on social media after a bride revealed that the beautiful red dress we had all admired on Mercy Aigbe for her 40th birthday shoot didn't infact belong to Mercy, but to said bride.

The designer of the dress, Maryam Elisha had claimed a dispatch error was responsible after the aggrieved bride called her out, and Mercy Aigbe’s stylist hired for the photo-shoot claimed that he had no idea the dress was meant for someone else.

After a string of back and forths between the designer and bride, which saw Mercy remain silent, the Benin-born actress has finally decided to speak on the matter.

She has decided to call her lawyer to help her address the matter from a legal point of view.

She made all this known through her Instagram page.

She wrote:

"I have followed events as they unfold following a particular dress I wore for a photoshoot. First, I must say that I sincerely sympathise with the bride as this situation is painful, unfortunate and regrettably avoidable. I hired and paid Seun @styledbyseun for the photoshoot as a stylist and got four dresses for the shoot.

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"Seun and I were unaware that one of the dresses was meant for someone else. I am embarrassed that the designer was not professional enough in handling events leading to this moment. It is also painful that a bride is made to go through what the bride has been made to go through.

"I have reached out to both the stylist and designer (whom I have never met nor HIRED directly) to express my displeasure. I have instructed my lawyer to look into this and see how best to approach this from a legal point of view without festering an already open wound. Thanks."

Bounce News reached out to Entertainment Lawyer, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, to find out why Mercy Aigbe will need a lawyer over a dress.

"People might try to use this to tear her down so she is trying to clear damages that the scandal might have caused. One thing that the law does, is try to provide remedy when someone is injured,” he told Bounce News.

"She has a right to try to address the  public ridicule, she has a right to clear her name. Mercy Aigbe  is a public figure, all this controversy is not good for her brand. She might have even lost a juicy endorsement because of this kind of controversy” he added.