For two days, popular 'music video superstar-Senator', Dino Melaye, has been trending on social networks and he is embattled. 

These two days have not been an easy one for the Senator, as the week started with a detention at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Monday. 

Another arrest occurred again on Tuesday, but that one did not end well.

He is now on admission in Zankli hospital in Abuja after he jumped from a police vehicle conveying him to Lokoja for arraignment.

The police have identified the hospital and have re-arrested him.  

As reactions trail the arrest and jumping from police vehicle, his lawyer has an explanation for Nigerians as to why the Senator took the risk that resulted in his being hospitalised.


Mike Ozekhome is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and he has accused the police of abusing the Senator's right.

He described the arrest of his client and the drama that followed as an abducting that adopted strategies reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Mr Ozekhome told Channels Television on Tuesday that Senator Melaye was abducted by the police with the aim of forcefully arraigning him at a Federal High Court in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State.

“It is a sad reminder of Hitler’s Gestapo strategies of attempting to annihilate all opponents,” Ozekhome said, warning that the situation may get worse as the 2019 elections draw nearer.

“Nigerians have to wake up to the realities of the perilous times that we are now going through and more perilous times in the days, the weeks, the months ahead because of 2019 elections.”

In a statement issued by the police after Senator Melaye jumped from a moving police vehicle in Abuja, the police accused the Senator of attempting to escape "lawful custody", but his lawyer said that claim was false.

He says there was deceit somewhere along the line.

According to Mr Ozekhome, the police deceived the Senator into submitting himself to them by telling him lies. 

They had told him that was to be arraigned in a court in Abuja only for them to head towards Lokoja.

Upon realising the plan, the Senator was forced to jump out of the vehicle, he stated.

Ozekhome further described the attempt to take the Senator to Lokoja for trial as an affront to democracy and the rule of law.

Why is the Senator afraid of being tried in Lokoja? someone will ask. His lawyer has an explanation for that.

“Dino has also complained that the various attempts to make sure that he is tried in Lokoja are for them to have an opportunity of sending him to jail at all cost.

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"First, to be detained at the cell where – Dino told me as his lawyer – he feared that they will inject him or poison his food so that he would die instalmentally (gradually) if not suddenly. Because of that, he said he would not go to Lokoja for trial,” the Senator's lawyer added. 

After Senator Melaye was re-arrested, the Inspector General of police ordered a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to the rescue and escape of Senator Dino Melaye from lawful custody.

The Senator represents Kogi West Senatorial District and there is a recall issue also hanging around the lawmakers neck.