Dino Melaye will not stop making Nigerians laugh.

When a man sees double double in Nigeria, it is usually associated with not being in the right state of mind. 

It is either the individual is drunk or has some other disturbing issues.

But the music video superstar Senator, Melaye, who has been silent on social media for sometime now, is seeing double double. 

He had landed on hospital bed after jumping out of a police vehicle in Abuja and that was followed by his arraignment in a court in his state, Kogi. 

No one really knows if he has truly left hospital bed, since he was brought in on stretcher on the last time he appeared in court.

On Saturday, however, he broke the silence, with a congratulatory message to his political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The party had held its state chairmanship elections in different states.

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But his message sounded more like a mockery than it was a congratulatory message.

Nigeria has just 36 States and that should have translated into 36 State Chairmen, but Senator Melaye congratulated 72 of them. 

He wrote: "Congratulations to the 72 new State Chairmen of APC. Every where na double double. What a blessed party!!!!"

The party has been divided into two factions in different states, as the chairmanship election held and the situation gave birth to two chairmen emerging in different states with these factions. 

Melaye may be doing more of mocking than praise.