Not all that glitters is gold. 

At least that is what award winning author wants the world to believe in her micro novel “Janelle Asked To The Bedroom.”

Adichie’s micro novel envisions a conversation between Mrs. Trump and her black pilates instructor, Janelle.

The story was published on the Times website and on T magazine's Instagram page.

In the short story about neglect, longing, emotional pain and vulnerability, she describes the first lady as ‘Mrs T’.

Adichie’s micro novel also portrays Trump as envious of her predecessor’s natural grace in carrying out her role as the first lady.

In this fictional world, Mrs T’s only source of joy comes from her 11-year-old son, Barron.

The first lady perks up speaking to her son, who is described as “sweetly shy and polite, dependent on his mother for his sense of self.”

But Adichie’s imagined Trump also exhibits a casual racism that her husband, President Donald Trump, is often accused of publicly sharing.


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