The Lagos State government’s plan to make Lagos a mega city is still on course.

The signs are the buildings and markets that are turning into rubles almost every fortnight.

From Otodogbame to Yaba to Obalende, Lagos is leveling every shanty in its mega city quest.

*This is what is left of the market after Ambode's bulldozers' left

Yet again, the latest victims in the many bulldozes to hit Lagos, are the furniture dealers at Ipaja market.

On Tuesday, the Lagos State government bulldozed the market, with property worth millions of naira lost in the exercise.

Bounce News was on the scene of the demolition which took place early Tuesday afternoon after shop owners were issued two weeks’ notice.

*A shop owner is seen carrying some of his damaged goods

As is always the case in such occasions when people lose their belongings, it was an emotional sight watching some shop owners scrambling to salvage whatever was left of their goods by Ambode’s bulldozers.

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Officials of the Nigeria Police were on ground earlier to ensure a hitch-free exercise but left after no signs of trouble were spotted among the traders.                       

But there is also an interesting twist that is adding insult to injury at the scene of the event. Some people suspected to be members of Odudwa People’s Congress are reportedly extorting money from the shop owners before they could be allowed to salvage their damaged goods.

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