He did not walk or talk till he was 5 years old.

All he ever did according to his mother was lie on the floor and sketch people and clothes.

Nathaniel Eyinnaya’s mother believed that when a child is a slow starter, it’s a sign of greatness.

So, she prayed and hoped that he will be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or a banker- like every mummy would.

She even banned him and his siblings from touching her sewing machine, so that he would not be distracted from pursuing, the ‘ideal’ job.

It was her sewing machine that literally saved his life.

In 2010, he lost his job at a finance company and spent 2011 trying to figure out what do.

project let us sew

"I remembered my mother’s sewing machine, and I decided to join a fashion school. Because I know good fashion schools are expensive, so I  sold my car to pay for it.

"I knew how much I struggled to finance my way through fashion school, so I promised myself that after, I am done. I will start up something. Teach people how to sew for free”.

Nathaniel opened his own fashion house in Abuja called ‘Purest Angel’, and started ‘Project Let Us Sew’ to empower women and young people by teaching them how to make clothes.

“How I got the name Project Let Us Sew is funny. While I was trying to figure out what to do with my life after losing my job, my room mate and friend always tells me ‘Let us pray’, and one day, I told him ‘Let us sew’. That is how my journey started. Out of frustration and inspiration”.

'Project Let Us Sew' started in January 11, 2015, in Ketu, where he taught 15 women how to sew.

The project has taken him to 32 states and has empowered over 10,000 women and youth.

project let us sew

“Apart from teaching women how to make clothes, because its mostly women and young people, we also use it to create awareness for HIV and AIDS  and domestic violence. We also help find  job placements  for them in the fashion industry”

Nathaniel says people have asked him if he is truly Nigerian because nobody does anything for free these days.

“We  make money for the logistics for each workshop from donations given by supporters of the idea and from participants who appreciate what we are doing”.

In 2018, he would be taking 'Project'Let Us Sew' across Nigeria’s borders to some West African countries, Kenya, South Africa, and across the ocean into America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“People who have seen the excellent work we are doing here in Nigeria, through social media and want us to come to them in other African countries and overseas. Imagine, just one man started all this, but now we have many volunteers and supporters”.

Use your hands and your head. Do not rely solely on your certificate and feet