There are pets and there are cats.

Where does your cat belong?

This cat isn’t just a pet. He plays big in Britain’s financial sector.

So, the UK’s finance ministry has been having a tough time fighting rats that threatened to take over the department for the past few years.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the rodents, they decided the best thing was to hire the man most qualified for the job – Gladstone, a cat employed from a rescue home in 2016.

And bet Gladstone has done an excellent job. It is celebrating its one-year anniversary and it has 22 dead mice to show for it.

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Gladstone has quite a history. He is named after long-serving 19th century British prime minister and chancellor, William Gladstone.

And indeed, the people love him – he has almost 10,000 followers on photo-sharing website Instagram.

"I'm a grafter! This last year I've caught 22 mice and I believe in going the extra mile, so I've also caught 2 flies – it's harder than it looks!" Gladstone said in a message on Friday to mark one year since he joined the finance ministry.

Finance ministry officials, who manage Gladstone's social media presence, regularly post photos of him wearing brightly colored bow-ties to mark events such as gay rights celebrations, the introduction of a new 1-pound coin and visits by foreign dignitaries.

But has ambitions too. He has said the visitor he was most looking forward to meeting was International Monetary Fund managing director, Christine Lagarde, who is due in London later this year.