Francis Akachukwu Eze, is a nine-year-old boy whose bravery is fast becoming that of a super hero.

Only love could make a boy of his age dive into a well to save his three-year-old brother.

According to a Facebook user, Femi Victor Orilua, who shared the story, he couldn’t stand it when his younger brother fell into a well.

"My brother must not die" he said, without waiting for the popular rapid response. He entered the well and made the rescue.

He brought him out on his back.

And then he shared a video of Akachukwu by that well, so we can hear from the horse’s mouth.

In spite of an adult neighbour’s attempt to stop him, Akachukwu went ahead, encouraged by his elder sister who told him ‘you can do it Aka’.

Perhaps, bravery runs in their family. Are their parents not blessed?

Meet Akachukwu: