Governor Rotimi Akeredolu's statement on May Day appears to offer a fresh proof of his disconnect with the people he governs.

As expected, the governor's unpatronising remarks which he made while addressing the workers of the state has continued to trigger tirades against him and his government by the state civil servants.

Akeredolu had told the workers that he would only pay their bonuses only when the state is financially buoyant.

"We will pay you when we are ready, if you want to protest, go on, you no go gree and we no go pay," said the governor.

The statement, which detonated across the Gani Fawehimi Arcade, venue of the workers day celebration instantly brought an abrupt end to the event as the state workers got furious and dispersed in annoyance.

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One of the workers from the state Ministry of Education who pleaded for anonymity condemned the speech.

"Governor Akeredolu has really taken us for granted. Does the fact that he pays our salaries regularly now mean he should not pay our entitlement as at when due? He has just stocked up a fire of trouble for himself and we will level up with him," he threatened.

Another civil servant from the Ministry of Information who also didn't want her name disclosed, expressed disappointment.

"This is very disgusting and disappointing. We never expected statement like that from a governor who rode on the back of civil servants to power.

"Is he expecting us to wait till the state's financial cup is full and running over before paying our entitlements?

"Does it mean that we won't get our leave bonuses at the appropriate time?

"Akeredolu must be joking and it is high time we let him know the important role we play in the economy of this state."

But on his part, Isaac Adekunle, a retired civil servant in the state said he was not disappointed with the Governor's utterance.

"From his first day in office, he has been issuing controversial statements whenever he mounts his podium.

"Of course, what do you expect from a governor who got to power on a platter of gold? He never prepared for governance and it will be difficult for him to feel the pulse of the people.

"This is almost a year into my retirement, I have not got a penny as gratuity from the state where I served for 35 years. Can you imagine that? All they keep telling me is that the papers are ready and approved but no money.

However, the state labour leader, comrade Bose Daramola who expressed her displeasure over the statement said the union leaders are planning to hold a meeting with state authorities.

"We are not happy with the statement as well and you can see many of our members have to leave the venue in annoyance even while the celebration had just begun. But we are planning to have a meeting with the government and resolve it amicably.

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