May D shared a disturbing video on Instagram, a day after Father’s Day on Monday June 18, where his son was instigated by his baby mama to insult him.

It was shocking to see where parents use their children as part of their arsenal when they fight.

Bounce News brings to you both sides of the story, and the consequences of using a child as a weapon.

The 3-year-old boy, in the footage, could be seen saying 'I hate you’ followed by ‘Useless father’, ‘Stupid Father’, with the mother goading him on, and feeding him with more insulting words.

Strange enough the video was shared by the boy’s father, musician, May D, just a day after Father’s Day.


Even though May D didn't say much in the video, he made it known that this video was made over three years ago, and he loved his son.

But just when everyone was blaming the baby mama for being a bad example, she told her own side of the story.

She revealed that she had been a victim of domestic abuse in the hands of May D, she went on to share photos of the injuries she sustained when she was allegedly attacked by the singer.

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She also accused May D of kicking her, and their son, out of the house, and leaving them homeless.

Bounce News spoke to a clinical psychologist, Toyin Abimbola, on the effect of using children as a weapon when parents fight.

"When you teach a child how to hate, he would most like grow up to become physically violent, have anger issues and  be abusive.

''The baby mama might think that by making the boy abuse his father she has somebody on her side, but she is only teaching him how to hate, and making him not believe in family" she said.