There are so many myths surrounding sex in marriage (many of them boring and even depressing), that some people are totally discouraged about getting married because of these horrid tales.  

Let’s not even pretend as if sex isn’t one of the most important parts of marriage, because it is. A lot of marriages have collapsed as a result of unsatisfactory sexual experiences, although many of these failed unions were filed under less embarrassing reasons like “irreconcilable differences” or “lack of compatibility”. 

Well, contrary to the misconstrued idea that marital sex is boring, it can actually be a constant fun experience regardless of the fact that you’re sleeping with the same person over and over again, year in year out.

If you and your spouse are adventurous enough to try new things in the bedroom, your sex life can be as exciting as that of a porn star. Like literally.
The new fad that is slowly gaining popularity among Nigerian couples is sex toys. We all know how pretentious Nigerians can be when it comes to the issue of sex, but a few couples have been bold enough to invite these interesting devices into their bedrooms. 

The argument against sex toys so far is that they are ‘unnatural’ and any spouse who suggests using them is a ‘perverted’ human being who can do anything for sexual pleasure.

These are very wrong notions that have no basis in the 21st century. We are no longer in the Stone Age. If we’re honest, isn’t it better to involve a lifeless device into your sex life if extra excitement is needed, than for one spouse to cheat on the other for that same reason?

There is no law forbidding married couples from trying these things out, as long as they both consent to it. Who would you rather ‘freak out’ with if not your life partner?

There is nothing morally wrong about using sex toys in marriage, because sex in itself has no morals. If you and your partner are down with it, who cares what anybody else thinks? After all, you won’t go around announcing to the world about what you and your partner do behind closed doors.

Your sex life is nobody’s business. 

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