“Those who used to swear by Abiola’s name have since found new political patrons. Those who proclaimed Abiola as the symbol of democracy and the rallying point for the people's hopes have since been dancing on his grave.”

With these words the Leader of the Odua Peoples’ Congress, OPC Gani Adams made a damning declaration on former supporters of the SDP patron.

Mr. Adams said this while speaking in Lagos during one of the commemorative events for June 12.

He asserted that those that benefited a great deal from Abiola are the ones working against his legacy.

He said: "It is sad today that those that benefited most for MKO Abiola’s martyrdom do not want to be reminded of him. And those who used to talk about injustice have since given the opportunity inflicted their own injustice on the people."

The OPC leader said it was sad that only the Southwest states consider making June 12 a public holiday to celebrate the late sage even though Abiola was known to be a national figure with no ethnic bias.

The OPC chief said, “The Federal Government of Nigeria, should as a matter of honour to the late politician and business mogul, Abiola, who fought and died for the current democracy, make June 12 of every year a national holiday."