Nearly every young Nigerian embraces the fact that life in the country is far better when you own your business.

The problem is that too many businesses have failed and people are scared to leave their jobs for fear of the unknown.

Now the safe route is what we call “side hustle”.

Omotayo Omotoso is the CEO of TASBORET Integrated Services Limited.

It's a fast-growing name in the food and beverages sector. He started his company as a side hustle while he was still employed.

Today, that small company has grown and has 21 full-time employees with 200 jobs created indirectly.

In a conversation with Bounce News, he shared some golden rules to follow in building your own business on the side while still employed.

These are his own tested methods.

Original Idea

You must be sure the idea is what you really want to do and not what others 'think' you should do.

Equip yourself with knowledge about the business, acquire the necessary skills to manage difficulties along the way.

Hire Competent Hand(s)

Having the skills for your side hustle does not mean you will do everything. Many times, you will need help. It will seem costly but not getting one might also cost you more. Yes, it may be hard but sometimes you only need someone that can do the work under your supervision. 

Partnership is also another way this can be done. But it takes a lot more understanding and legal support than you can imagine.

Record Keeping

This is as important as the entire business idea. Because you have a job, your attention is divided. You are not a computer. So, keep a proper daily and weekly record of everything regarding your side hustle. It WILL save you.

Time Management

Never cheat your current employer. A side hustle is not an excuse to shortchange your employer. If you must dedicate the night to your side hustle, you must accept it’s an inevitable sacrifice. What goes around, comes around!

Keep Money Out For Now!

The mistake many make is that they expect the side hustle to make them instantly rich. While it is not impossible, depending on the nature of business, you also need to be realistic and think of the long term.

Don’t pay yourself yet. Manage your current salary; at least you would have managed if you did not start this gig. 

Believe in YOU and GOD

Because of my faith I believe I cannot do anything without God. Its always important to keep thinking positive.