Oh! See what the fear of a gun can do!

Anything that looks like a gun could make a man pee in his pants except he is the courageous type that does not bother whether there is a bullet in the gun or not. 

Abraham Andrew, a native of Ogebiri in Southern ljaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, has taken advantage of the fear of death in people's heart to exploit them and everyone he had met fell for his trick. 

What started like a raid of defaulters on Environmental Sanitation Day has now brought more to the limelight.  

After he was raided, Abraham confessed to other crimes he had committed. 

"We use two pistols carved from wood and painted black colour to rob," the 21-year-old man confessed.

During his arrest, he fought ruthlessly with his captors while protecting a small brown bag which hung on his neck.

When the bag was searched, 10 android mobile phones were recovered from it and he was handed over to men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) at Fire Service Road, Ovom, Yenagoa.

During interrogation, Andrew made stunning revelations about how they deceived and stole from innocent, hardworking residents of the state with the wooden guns.

He said that their operations were carried out mostly at night and very early in the morning. The time of operation, was the reason no one suspected their weapons were fake.

"We will just point the wooden guns at people and they will submit their phones and money to us without struggle.

"Some terrified victims will even beg us not to kill them.

"I know where my brother kept the guns and can take you there," he said.

Abraham gave his reason for stealing, saying it was to help his family raise over 200,000 Naira for his eldest brother's hospital bill.

Abraham also claimed that his brother sustained severe injuries from bunkery fire where he worked.

"I have never raped a girl and do not belong to any cult group. Please, forgive me," he pleaded with the police.

Meanwhile, his father Mr Andrew, who is a school principal, expressed shock over the incident.

"Andrew and his brother got admission to study at the Federal University Otuoke.

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"But, l had to send him home to save him from joining bad gang.

"I will retire from service soon and need to push both of them through school as the rest are graduates.

"He should be charged to court, so that the law will decide his fate," Mr Andrew stated.

However, Abraham's sisters were seen pleading with their father to help them secure their brother's release.

When he refused, they quarrelled with him for abandoning their brother when he needed him most.

A police officer, who would not want his name to be mentioned, told Bounce News that "those innocent looking boys, are the most dangerous.

"He is a big time tout and bunkerer too.

"He has revealed some vital information and we are following his lead," the police official said.

He further advised residents of the state not to leave their houses before dawn and to always return home before night fall.

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