It began 15 years ago.

44 year old Bijay Tamang promised a young woman that he would take care of her and ensure she gets the best that life has to offer.

He took her with him from Nepal to the Indian city of Mumbai where they lodged in a brothel. The next day she woke up to meet a note in which he told her "Enjoy your new home. If you obey your new owners, they will treat you well".

She didn't fully understand what it meant until she got downstairs and was instructed to strip. She had been sold into slavery and her new owners saw her as an investment. Her tak was to render erotic service to customers as an Ashawo.

Tamang fled from Mumbai and stayed hidden for several years. 

Police Inspector Mira Chaudhary told newsmen Tamang was arrested on Friday in his rented room on the outskirts of Kathmandu, where he worked as a construction worker in Nepal.

“The arrest of a trafficker is rare in Nepal and came about through a court campaign to revive old cases of trafficking in the country,’’ she said.

“He had promised the woman a job of travelling salesperson in New Delhi, but sold her to the brothel for 20,000 Nepali rupees, which translates to about 76,000 Naira.

“The woman fled the brothel, returned to Nepal, and filed a case against him in a court in Kathmandu,’’ Chaudhary said.

Reports suggest Tamang will spend 10 years in jail.

“The age or whereabouts of the woman remains unknown,’’ Chaudhary added.

According to United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF), an estimated 7000 Nepali women are trafficked to India every year.