"I still love her and cannot afford to lose her to another man. The court should please settle our differences because of our two kids," Kayode said, begging for the reversal of a decision taken that has ended his 9-year-old marriage to Nike Olayiwola.

Nike, who is a food vendor, had told the Idi-Ogungun Customary Court in Agodi Ibadan, on Friday that her marriage had become hell on earth for her.

She said Kayode is addicted to alcohol, insisting that his drunkenness has become unbearable.

The food vendor also told the court that she has been beaten on several occasions and sent out of their home in the middle of the night.

Go Your Different Ways

The Court's President, Mukaila Balogun, after hearing from both parties dissolved the marriage, concluding that there was no more love in the union.

"The court’s opinion is that the complainant is not ready for reconciliation, coupled with the defendant’s incoherent testimony and his arrogance before the court.

"The marriage of nine years between Nike and Kayode Olayiwola is hereby dissolved. Parties should go their different ways.

"The court grants the petitioner (Nike) custody of the two children of the marriage, and a monthly allowance of 7,000 Naira should be paid by the respondent for the upkeep of the children," he said.

She told the court that her husband was addicted to alcohol and spends all his income drinking Ogogoro.

"He used to send me out in the middle of the night whenever he was drunk; “I am tired of his victimisation.

“I want the court to grant me the custody of our two children for proper upbringing, because it is impossible for a drunkard to raise children,” she said.  

'Thought She Had Extra Marital Affair'

Kayode, a commercial driver, who could not save his marriage of 9 years from collapsing, urged the court not to uphold the request of his 'former' wife.

Olayiwola told the court that he started drinking alcohol because of financial challenges.

"I have realised long ago that alcohol consumption was not the solution to life challenges and had turned a new leaf since.

"I cannot deny that I sent her out once because I suspected she was having extra marital affairs, and that is why she is seeking the dissolution of our marriage," the News Agency of Nigeria quoted him as saying.

His plea, rather came too late, as the court passed its judgment on the matter.