A seven–year-old boy has died after his father allegedly beat him to death over the disappearance of N3,200.

Richard Inimgba,39, a resident of Amadi-Ama in Port Harcourt, had accused his son, George of stealing the money on Friday and reportedly used a cutlass to inflict cuts on the victim after beating him up with a plank.

George was found dead the following morning.

Richard, popularly known as Oyinbo had wanted to keep George’s death a secret, but for a carpenter who raised the alarm on sighting the injuries on the boy.

He was said to have secretly invited the carpenter into his apartment to prepare a coffin for his burial.

It was gathered from neighbours and relatives of Richard that he had been maltreating the boy since he sent his mother packing six years ago.

The wife of Richard’s elder brother, who simply identified herself as K.K., said George requested water at the point of death, but the father continued the beating.

She said the boy’s attempts to explain that he used part of the money to feed himself because he was hungry fell on deaf ears.

She said, “He beat the boy for about two hours. My husband was not around. The boy was crying and saying, ‘Daddy, give me water, I cannot walk again.’

“The boy was saying ‘Sorry Daddy’ and the man continued to ask, ‘Where is the money?’ But the boy said he was hungry and used the money to buy bread. He accused the son of stealing N3,200 from him overtime.

“The boy was always hungry and if he came to my house to eat, the stepmother would report him to the father.

“He went to his church to tell the pastor that his child was dead without explaining what led to the little boy’s death. It was when the carpenter raised the alarm that the neighbours knew that he had killed his son.

“There were machete cuts on George’s body. Some angry boys came out and gave Oyinbo the beating of his life before a team of mobile policemen arrested him and his wife.”

The Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, Nnamdi Omoni, said the matter was being investigated, adding that the man and the wife were in police custody.