The Assistant Inspector-General of police in charge of the Zone 9 headquarters Umuahia, Abia State, Mr. Hosea Karma has declared one Mr. John Ezinne of No. 64 Omuma road Aba, missing.  

Ezinne, 58, who hails from Osumeyi in Nnewi South LGA in Anambra State was said to have left his residence in Aba to attend a church prayer service in Umuahia, the Abia state capital on February 24, 2018 before he was reported missing. 

In a statement made available to journalists by the Police Public Relations Officer in the zone, DSP Janet Chukwu, Ezinne was last heard from when he alighted from Aba Bus terminal in Umuahia.

The statement urged any member of the public with useful information concerning the whereabouts of the missing man, who is said to be fair in complexion with no tribal marks, to kindly report to the nearest police station or the Zone 9 headquarters in Umuahia.   

She said the police had arrested one pastor John and the nurse who were fingered in Ezine’s alleged abduction and they have made statements with the police.  

She said, “Since this case was reported to us, we have been doing our investigation and we have also arrested some children who we recovered the missing man’s phone from.

“We traced their parents and questioned them; the children said they bought the phone from a deaf and dumb person that reportedly picked the phone at the first instance. The lady we arrested said she discovered that her younger sibling came home with the phone and told her that he bought it from one deaf and dumb man.

“She told us she didn’t believe her younger sibling that was why she called the family of the missing man to come and take back the phone.

“We further questioned the parents of the deaf and dumb person who reportedly picked the phone before it got to the second family and they have also made statement on the matter. We are still doing our investigation on the matter.” 

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Narrating her ordeal, the wife of the missing man, Fedelia, said one of their neighbors simply identified as Nurse was the person that introduced her husband to the Church (Jesus Disciples Assembly) in Umuahia where he went for prayers before he was abducted by unknown people. 


She said, “My husband told me that he was going to Umuahia to attend a church programme and prayers service, but I objected to the idea. I told him to forget about that Church in Umuahia and go for prayers in our own church (Catholic Church) that God will answer his prayers there. 

“He insisted that he must attend the prayer service at the Jesus Disciples Assembly on Enugu road in Umuahia.  He left home on Friday, February 23, 2018. He said the pastor gave him the Church address and a phone number to contact him when he gets into Umuahia. Later that Friday, he came back because he didn’t meet up to embark on the Journey, finally he left on Saturday February 24, 2018, for the Church programme.

“He told me that the programme would last for two days and he would come back after the Sunday service, but on that same Saturday when I came back from the market in the night our neighbor (nurse) who runs a patent medicine shop in our compound called me to come and speak with my husband over the phone. While speaking with him over the phone, he told me the last time he called the pastor, he said he was coming to pick him up from the park. But suddenly he started shouting over the phone that some people had abducted him and that he doesn’t know where they were taking him to. 

“He then started telling me to forgive him in any manner he offended me, I asked him if the pastor was among those who picked him up, but he said no that the pastor was not among them, that he doesn’t know who the people that picked him up were. He was shouting that nurse and Pastor had deceived him.  

“At that point I started crying, the nurse collected the phone from me and called him again and his number stopped connecting again.” 

She added that when the case was reported at Zone 9 headquarters, the pastor in question was invited together with the nurse for questioning, and the pastor confirmed that he asked her husband to come for a prayer session in his church because of a personal problem he shared with him, but he denied knowledge of his abduction.  

“The pastor said my husband told him that there was one Indian perfume that was sprinkled in our house that made him spiritually weak and that was why he invited him for prayers,” she said.

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