An unidentified middle-aged man abducted a 10-year-old boy and exchanged him for three bags of rice in Ijegun area of Lagos.

The suspect, now on the run, reportedly accosted the victim, Divine Ebie, on Saturday at Prince Bus Stop, Isheri Oshun, while on the errand for his mother.

He was said to have introduced himself to the unsuspecting boy as a relative.

He later lured the boy to a shop where he collected three bags of rice, after convincing the sales girl that he was going to get the money, while his brother remained with her.

However, that was not to be as the salesgirl waited endlessly without seeing the stranger or the money for the bags of rice, which totaled N48,000.

After waiting for about one hour without seeing him, the sales girl told the boy to take her to his mum’s shop at Fire junction.

But Ebie said his mother did not own a shop there and that the stranger only met him on the road and brought him to the shop.

Meanwhile, apprehension had set in at the boy’s house after his disturbed mother visited the shop where she had told him to buy the item, only to be informed that his son had left with a stranger.

While a search party was combing the vicinity for the boy, the owner of the shop and the salesgirl, were sighted taking him to the Isheri-Oshun Police Division.

The police, however, released him to his parents same day with a directive to report back to the station, where a peace meeting between Divine’s parents and owner of the shop who insisted on getting the money for the bags of rice, would be held.