One man's meat is another man's poison!

Gift Kazembe couldn’t come to terms with the fact that his wife, Shelter Maura, has been poking their former employee, a herd-boy, so he took his life.

The Zimbabwean trusted his wife. He was shocked when he was told that his dearly beloved had an affair.

The alleged relationship between the wife and the unidentified employee, is said to have started sometime in 2015.

Upon receiving the tip off, he chased away the boy in a bid to protect his marriage.

However, this did not stop them from continuing their sexual engagements.

The wife, who is asthmatic, purportedly left home for a local clinic to collect some tablets the day she got caught.

The husband secretly followed his wife and caught her in the act with the young man in the bush.

Gift was said to have gone back home to drink cotton pesticide which killed him.