When a grown-up man begins to cry in public glare, be sure that whatever it is, it must really hurt.

It was a sorry sight on Wednesday at the Customary Court Grade C Oja Oba in Ibadan when Oluyomi Ogunsanya burst into uncontrollable tears after accusing his wife of adultery.

Sherifat Ogunsanya, who has been married to Oluyomi for 24 years with three children had filed for divorce, as she is bent on leaving him.

Oluyomi, a company driver, in his words said "she said she wants to learn to be a caterer to have something to fall back on after retirement which I disagreed with but later accepted.

“She travels every Friday and comes back on Tuesdays. Suddenly she started bringing male clothing to wash in the house when she is not a dry cleaner and I threw the clothes away out of annoyance.

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“She goes out and comes back home with different toiletries from hotels and I found a female condom in her car"

Sherifat’s reason for wanting to leave her husband is that he beats her and she has developed high blood pressure because of him.

She explained to the court that the condom he found in her car was given to her at a seminar on AIDS organized by Gov. Amosun's wife.

“I left it in my car and my son is aware of the condom and where it was given to me. The toiletries were given to me by one of my colleagues who travels a lot. Whenever she travels, she brings them for me."

Can it be that Mr Oluyomi Ogunsanya has been overtly jealous or Sherifat is indeed playing games?

All the accusations did not seem to add up for the court president, Chief Odunade Ademola J. P.

So, he adjourned the case to give room for settlement and for the children of the couple to appear in court.

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