For whatever some reason he was wanted to end his life. No one could talk him out of it and it medical practitioners confirmed his sanity.

A 51-year-old Zimbabwean man finally committed suicide after he seemed to have mastered the act.

Matiamana John's lifeless body was discovered by a passerby on Tuesday hanging from a tree in a bushy area.

The driving instructor was twice picked up from the same spot while unconscious after a failed suicide attempt.

On another occasion, a rope he had used to hang himself cut. But Matiamana was determined to depart this sinful world.

Lessons carefully taken, he finally 'succeeded' this week.

His brother, Mr. Panganati Muponde said: "His driving instructor’s papers had expired and he left home saying he was going to renew them and never came back until he was found hanging in a bushy area at Hunde Fisher farm on the outskirts of Mkoba 18. Funeral arrangements are underway."