Premier League champions, Manchester City are targeting just one or two signings for next season.

This is what manager Pep Guardiola has said and he seems serious about it.

City, owned by billionaire Sheikh Mansour, spent more than 300 million pounds ($405.42 million) on players last season.

That heavy investment paid off with City winning the Premier League and League Cup, but Guardiola said fans should not expect similar spending.

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“We will sign one or two more,’’ Guardiola told Sky Sports, adding: “… maybe people don’t believe me, but we don’t have the money to invest 300 million pounds every season.

“We invested a lot of money and will invest less in the future, because instead of doing it in two or three transfer windows, we did it in one.

“The fundamental success of this season is the quality of the players. People say you won because you invest a lot, they are right.”

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