Smoking is dangerous to health, the producers of cigarette have always warned.

In fact a caveat after every cigarette advert is that smokers are liable to die young.

Eduard Assylove's love for smoking has caused him his life not necessarily as a result of the effect of indulging in the habit but his flatmate who hates smoking decided to teach him a severe lesson.

Eduard was found decapitated and with his limbs and genitals chopped off after his flatmate went ‘berserk’ for lighting up in their flat.

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Assylov’s head, arms, legs and genitals were found on top of a blood-soaked pillow at their home in Moscow. He also had his ears and the middle finger of his left hand chopped off.

The attacker, 45, has not been named but confessed to police that he killed his housemate because he didn’t like his smoking.

He said they frequently argued about his habit but this time he became extremely angry when he started smoking in their home. 

A police spokesman said: ‘The victim was found in the communal corridor of a dormitory where he had been renting a room. 

‘He had been stabbed nine times in the stomach and five times in the groin. In total he was stabbed more than 40 times before being dismembered.’

He has been charged with murder and faces a life sentence.


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