They have been looking up to God for the 'fruit of the womb'.

Several visits to the church and hospital have been made in expectation of God's divine visit.

A man has reportedly suffered heart break after he caught his barren wife red-handed in a hot sex session with an acclaimed customer.

Udemeh Ukarette was said to have caught his wife, Joy with the customer at a popular hotel in Lagos.

The incident happened at Toyin Giwa Avenue in Afonka Shasha area.

The couple is yet to have a child 13 years after they got married.

Ukarette had sent away another woman he married and impregnated before he met Joy.

Ukarette’s friends who have seen Joy with the customer several times had informed him.

The suspicious husband was said to have traced his wife to the hotel.

After she was caught at the hotel with her customer, Joy tried to explain to her husband that she did so in order to get pregnant and bear a child for him since he had tried for several years without result.

Ukarette it is learnt to be contemplating divorce.