A man has attacked two men said to be gay couple.

Odion, 33, was said to have attacked both men in Borokiri area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The incident happened early Thursday morning as the couple was holding hands while walking on the streets.

According to witnesses, Odion was alleged to have yelled homophobic slurs at the couple when he saw them walking past him.

The couple attempted to keep walking but Odion persisted and an altercation began.

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Eyewitnesses say Odion spat in the face of one of the men before a scuffle ensued.

The fight was broken up by a police officer, who was also walking by.

Eyewitnesses say Odion was then whisked away by the police officer.

When Bounce News visited the Borokini Police Station, officers on duty denied knowledge of the incident.

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