There was mild drama at the Akowonjo area of Egbeda, Lagos state on Thursday when a male passenger, Bayo accused a female passenger of trying to hypnotise and kidnap him.

As more passers-by were attracted to the scene of the incident, they wondered if something supernatural had really happened. 

Narrating the incident, the male passenger explained that he boarded a bus from Oshodi to Egbeda and the accused was sitting beside him.

He said the woman brought out a container of something that looked like dry pepper, emptied it on her palm and started chewing.

He said he began to feel uneasy and mesmerized each time she looked him in the eye till he was almost losing consciousness. 

“As she started chewing the dry pepper, I became slightly unconscious. But with the remaining strength in me. I challenged her, alerted other passengers and the driver,

“Some of my friends have fallen victims of such before where they were hypnotized on a bus and taken to an ATM and robbed of their money,” he said.

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The woman while explaining her side of the story, said what she was chewing was ordinary snuff and it is medicinal.

"I don’t understand where he got the idea that I wanted to use charm on him. I normally take the snuff to clear my throat," she said.

Two police officers attached to a bank close to scene asked both them to follow them to the station to report the matter.

But Bayo, who seemed not convinced, left the scene after speaking to some on-lookers.

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