Nigerians can be very extra on almost everything, so once you’re a mom (especially a single one), everyone expects you to dedicate your life to solely raising that child as best as you can.

That aside, moms tend to forget that that they are women who deserve companionship and love. Just because things didn’t work out between you and the father of your child, doesn’t mean you are doomed to single-hood for life. If you've also come to be a single mother because you lost a spouse, it's also fine to pursue a new relationship whenever you decide you're ready to embark on that new chapter.

Dating as a single mother can be challenging

If this is your story at the moment, let’s help you get your groove back by sharing with you some tips on how to get back into the dating game again.

1. Remember you’re still a woman: It’s absolutely amazing that you brought another human into this world, but don’t forget that you’re still a woman and you have needs and desires that need to be met too. Motherhood comes with putting the needs of your child before yours, but you also have to live your life and find happiness too. You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting the company of a man in your life – that’s absolutely natural and normal. You’re not a robot, are you?

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2. Be upfront: It’s very important to let whoever you’re dating know that you already have a child right from the get go. While this bit of information may drive some guys away (especially younger guys), it shouldn’t discourage you from being honest about it. Better to have that part dealt with before you progress into having a full blown relationship with your date. Also, don’t be in a rush to introduce your child to whoever you’re dating. Allow the relationship to grow to a point of stability before taking that step.

3. Let your family and friends know you’re ready: It may be a bit scary to launch yourself into the dating world again, so ask your family and friends to help you out with getting a date. The good thing about doing this is that they’ll be all out to hook you up with someone they can vouch for, so you’re less likely to be paired with a creep.