Men raping women is usually the case but a survey has shown that some men too fall victims of rape by women.

The victims disclosed that they were forced to have sex with women who used all sorts of means to force them to have erections under duress, and made them to have sex against their will.

Such means included threats, blackmail, verbal abuse and, in more terrifying cases, with guns being held to their heads.

A research project of 154 men who were reportedly ‘compelled to penetrate’ a woman found more than a fifth of them were forced into it by threats and blackmail.

Telling lies, threats to end a relationship, warnings of rumour-spreading and verbal abuse were cited by about two out of every 10 men in the survey.

The research project, led by Dr. Siobhan Weare, from Lancaster University Law School, and supported by charity Survivors Manchester, also found the use of force, such as pinning down with body weight or having a weapon, was reported by at least 1.4 out of every 10 men who completed the survey.