The absence of entrepreneurial skills is the reason many school leavers have remained unemployed over the years.

This is one fact many Nigerians and even the school leavers themselves have realized.

So, why not make entrepreneurial studies a compulsory course for every undergraduate?

This is the question a polytechnic lecturer, Mr Adeyemi Aina, is asking authorities of higher schools in Nigeria.

Aina is the Head of Department of Public Administration in Yaba College of Technology, and he should be taken serious.

He believes that if this idea is adopted, many youths would be meaningfully engaged.

“Higher schools are viable medium to impact business sense into the would-be commercial giants.

“These institutions of learning are the more strategic since they also impact know-how in one discipline or another.

“Making entrepreneurship a compulsory course for all higher school attendees will help to expose graduates to the business angle of their course of study,’’ he said.

Aina urged polytechnics to do more in entrepreneurship education, because the idea behind establishment of such institutions of learning was to champion technical competence.

“The truth is that every course of study has a business potential.

“Nigeria needs to review its philosophy and ethic of education to also emphasise entrepreneurship.

“We must begin to expose undergraduates to aspects of private enterprise in faculties of the humanities and arts.

“Disciplines like public administration, political science, English and literary studies and language courses have business initiatives that are untapped, due to lack of knowledge of the potential,’’ he said.