For those who don’t already know, Magun which is also known as “Thunder bolt” is a charm that originates from the Yorubas in the South-Western region of Nigeria. 

Magun can be loosely translated in the English language as “Do not climb” and its origin can be traced back to the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango. It is a supposedly potent charm that is used to curb promiscuity in women and is believed to have fatal consequences in some cases.

This charm has intrigued many in Nigeria over the years, and was the inspiration for Tunde Kelani’s 2001 movie, 'Thunderbolt: Magun.'

It has also found its way into pop culture being the title of Afro-house star, Niniola’s 2017 single in which the singer claims to have placed Magun on herself to prevent her lover from sleeping with her. However, real life stories about Magun are not glamorous.

Magun can have fatal consequences

In 2016, a couple having a tryst in a hotel located in Ogba, Lagos, raised alarm after they realised that their private parts were stuck together after a round of sex. It turns out the woman was married to someone else who could possibly be responsible for placing the charm on her.

This is one of many incidents that have happened across Nigeria which have increased our fascination about this charm and the kind of people who are perhaps desperate enough to use it. Although, not everyone believes in the existence of this charm, here are 3 things you should know about Magun.

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1. It serves different purposes: Magun can be placed on a young woman by her parents to restrict her from having sex with anyone or as punishment for anyone who attempts to rape her. Also, Magun can be placed on a woman by her husband or even her in-laws without her knowledge if they suspect her of being unfaithful.

2. It is deadly: Death is the major side effect of Magun. A woman who has the charm on her could die if she commits adultery, or the man she sleeps with could lose his life in mysterious ways.

3. It has a deadline: The charm has a time frame that it is expected to function, so if the woman who has Magun on her does not have sex with anyone within the stipulated time, she could fall sick or even die.