Since INEC released its number of registered voters across the states for the forthcoming general elections, many Nigerians have been asking questions.

The biggest surprise is how Lagos has overtaken Kano with the largest number of voters in the country.

Could this mean that Lagosians sat up after seeing Kano’s role in the 2015 election or Kano voters are losing interest?

A former lawmaker from Kano State, Senator Mas'ud El-Jibril Doguwa, does not see either of these postulations. He thinks something is not right.

The man, who represented Kano South Senaorial District from 1999 to 2003, wondered why Lagos topped Kano with the highest number of voters when the North West State has more population than the South West State.

He charged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to crosscheck the figures, pointing out that there may be manipulation of the figures in favour of Lagos.

On Monday, the electoral body had revealed that 84,004,084 voters would participate in the 2019 general election billed for February 2 and March 2, 2019 respectively.

Breakdown of the figures showed that Lagos had the highest number of voters for the election with 6,570,291 voters, followed by Kano with 5,457,747.

This translates to Lagos beating Kano with a margin of 1,112,544 voters.


In an exclusive interview with Bounce News on Tuesday, Doguwa said: "Certainly, there must be something wrong.

“Since 1979, the difference between Lagos and Kano is not as wide as this. And you know, Kano in terms of population, in terms of marital status, somebody in Kano might have three to four wives and delivering one or two children per year.

"So, I think the gap is too wide. Maybe there is mago mago that was done in Lagos to ensure that the figure is higher than that of Kano. But certainly, the figure of Kano is so low compared to that of Lagos.

"I don't think it is correct. Let INEC check again and find out whether some areas in Kano are missing or some areas in Kano are not registered in bringing out the final figures."

On whether the people of Kano State are losing interest in election, the former legislator said: "Nobody is losing interest in election.

"National population is an integral part of national development and part of national planning too. Why should we lose interest in election? After all, not all these voters in Lagos and Kano will come out and vote. I don't think the Kano figure is correct."  

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