Sometime in May 2017, when the Ogun state government started tarring the Magboro-Akeran road, the community celebrated the beginning of a new lease of life.

It was joy because this road construction came after years of suffering, abandonment and failed promises.

It now is one year after, and Bounce News is back to the community to see how well life has changed for the people.

Viewing from the Lagos-Ibadan express where the community is located, you would see a relatively modern neighbourhood with a wide road, fueling station and modern buildings that prove that Magboro is no longer the local village of yesteryears.

But please, do not believe everything you see from that expressway, as all is not well when you drive farther into the community.

The road project has since been abandoned. What you see from outside is just the beautiful beginning but within is another sorry sight.

The tarred portion terminates at the Cele bus stop which is just about three kilometres from the junction and with several more kilometres to reach Makogi - another community in the inner parts of Obafemi Owode LGA totally abandoned.

Bounce News spoke to residents. Of course, they are not happy, but do they know what the problem is?

Mrs Olanrewaju owns a shop at Gas Line bus stop, a place where the tarred road never reached.

She said: “They started the road around February 2017 and we were all happy as the work progressed, but they suddenly stopped sometime in August about the time our children were about resuming school. Since then, they have not returned to Magboro.

“I asked some of the workers we had become familiar with to know what was wrong. They said the project stopped at the point the funding stopped.”

Has there been word from the Ogun state government? Mr Alabi Yellow, a popular landlord in his area provided some info.

“The governor came only when they were still working during Ramadan in 2017. He drove forth and back the length of the road and since then we have not seen him or heard from his government.

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“It is a lot of suffering for us living in these areas. The only thing we are thankful for is that the drainage system was completed, and this has made the road motorable.

"But even then, we have been exposed to serious dangers with the way they have also left the gutter uncovered,” he said.

So far, there has been no official statement from the contractor, First August Nigeria Limited and there has been none from the Ogun state government asides the scoop from the workers.

The saddest part of the story is that it took just four weeks for the finished parts to start breaking out and one year after, you see several potholes on the supposedly completed portion.

Could this shoddy and substandard job done be the reason government has refused to release more funds to the contractor or is it another gimmick to get votes in the next election?

As the 2019 elections get closer, another resident is Mr Alausa, a bricklayer who warned that the APC-led Ogun government should not assume that Magboro will support them at the polls.

The people are angry, he said and they may be waiting to show their displeasure when voting starts.

When other residents started their wild jubilation in 2017, a tricycle rider, Abdulahi, refused to celebrate, saying the Ogun state government cannot be trusted again.

These were his words to Bounce News: “This is the same government that told us during campaigns in 2011 that they would give us light and open our road.

“All they did was fail to give us light and destroy the road we were managing, deceiving us that they wanted to build express.

“They came back in 2015 to tell us the same story and we are just seeing them in 2017. Is this not another trick to prepare for their 2018 campaigns?

“I will start my own celebration when the road is complete and all the rumours of collecting toll fee turns out to be a lie.”

Is Abdulahi not a prophet?

Magboro also shares boundaries with notable towns like Ibafo, Mowe, Akute and Arepo.

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